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In crafting my website I have been targeting a really broad audience. I believe anyone who is interested in books, reading, and is looking for helpful tips and recommendations are welcomed, despite their gender, age and nationality. Although I might say there’s no children book content of course). Because if we take a look at it I have covered romance books (The Notebook) which are appropriate for everyone 13+ and up, in case if people are not interested in romances I added detective and mystery ones. I’m also thinking about adding easy reads and once depending on the mood, like what do you read when you feel lost or when you feel like you are burning out what easy reads could I recommend.

However, I’m also adding a variety of genres depending on the ‘timing’, if I feel like it will be the best one to post I do it. Like my blog post about “Top 5 Fall Cozy reads” perfect for these months. They include romance, fantasy, horror and match with the season’s change. Next I’m planning on sharing mystery, detective, and thrillers for the spooky season, because of the Halloween. So everyone will find something interesting on my website. Then maybe I’ll add a post about Chirstams and Winter reads and so on. It’s like when people bump into my website it’ll likely match their mood and what their looking for at that particular time. Well of course you cannot be a 100% sure in these cases as people on a rainy day may actually want to read something spooky and not something warming and cozy, but despite that I believe my website is for everyone, and every fellow reader is able to find something for themselves here.

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