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The diagram I thought of when I saw the question: “Where will the PUB101 content live?”

Pretty simple but the first thing that came to my mind.

I also received a feedback about drop downs so thanks to Alice (one of my peers) I understood how to create sub menus. During the first two weeks my header did not look like it looks now I either had too much content or too less, all because creating sub menus was a real headache (as I was trying to figure it out). But once I did it all went smoothly and I was able to create a clean layout of the website with all of the necessary tabs at the opening page.

And here is the instagram posts preview I thought of so far. These are not the pictures I will use these are just the possible content that might appear there. In terms of visual there will be other images and videos (reels). I’ll be using an ‘impreview’ app to monitor the profile grid and see if the color scheme is matching and control the aesthetics of the instagram account. I also use this app while posting for my personal account, so I’m confident with it this platform. I also created an account in TikTok but I’m still considering if I should start it or just stick with Instagram only.

Book Lover’s Guide to Budget Bliss

Personally, I am a fan of physical books. There is an undoubtable joy in turning pages and taking in the smell of paper. However, being a student means that my love for reading has to be budget-friendly. Luckily, I have found a number of ways that align with my passion for reading without emptying my bank account. Those are the hacks that I would like to share with you too, hope that you will find them useful:

  • Public libraries: 

The library card is a golden pass to an unlimited supply of free books. Find your local library and make one for yourself, there’s no cost for that. And because of their extensive collections, public libraries let you enjoy the pleasure of reading physical books without having to pay any money. (They may also have audio and e-books).

  • Open Library:

Fills up the gaps left by library shelves. It’s a treasure for readers on due to its large selection of e-books. However, you might be waitlisted for some of the books so be prepared for that. 

  • Little Free Libraries:

I found out about them only when I came to Canada. These are small boxes located randomly in different neighbourhoods that are filled with a variety of books. Even though they may not always have a specific book that you are looking for, there is a chance of you encountering a more intriguing read. And in return you can also leave a book of your own. 

  • Author’s blogs and websites:

Some authors kindly offer free samples or full novels on their websites or blogs. Without investing a dime, it’s an excellent opportunity to interact with readers and find new authors.

  • Book swaps with Friends: 

Taking into account the reading enthusiasm among your friends or the university (school, work) community has proven to be an excellent resource for finding new reads. In addition to exposing you to new books, book swaps give you the chance to interact with other readers. 

Bonus tip: You can also split the purchase of a book with a friend to make it more affordable. 

Let me know if any of these hacks were useful for you. Feel free to leave comments below. Happy reading! 

“The Notebook”- A Timeless Ode to Love and Memory

Now we are here once again discussing a story that broke me into tears. If you have no idea what I am talking about make sure to check the first blog post, leaving the link down below for you!

Nicholas Sparks, who is known for his romantic stories with a lot of heart, gives us another touching story in “The Notebook.” The novel attracts readers to the ongoing love story of Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson, which is set against the scenery of a quiet coastal community.

Sparks capture the reader’s attention from the first few pages on with his descriptive style, creating a realistic picture of Noah and Allie’s young love that transcends socioeconomic class. Each character has a distinct depth that adds to their complex development and makes them both likable and accessible. (I never usually suggest it but if you are having a hard time portraying it check out the movie, it was so beautifully filmed).

I’m not going to dig deeper into the narrative and spoil everything for you but what I can say is that Sparks expertly communicates the challenges of love and sacrifice, for people of all ages. The book’s greatest strength is how emotionally complex it is, taking readers on a roller coaster of feelings from the ecstatic highs of new love to the heartbreaking lows of separation and loss.

The novel’s setting along the coast provides a gorgeous backdrop and adds to its appeal.  The immersive reading experience is made possible by Sparks’ talent for creating situations that stay in your mind for long.

Even while “The Notebook” is now considered a classic in the romance genre, not everyone might actually enjoy it. The narrative may seem predictable to certain readers since it follows certain genre standards. The tempo can also be sluggish, highlighting the meditative tone of the narrative. But if you are looking for a new read and romance’s of Sparks have not been on your TBR yet go ahead and add them, who knows this book can be your door into the world of romance novels. 

Post 2

The in class activity with Venn diagrams helped me a lot with rethinking my website’s nature. As it took me quite a while to figure out what my blog will be about, I liked the exercise that made me work it through one more time and see what I might have missed. Which (spoiler alert) did not happen, turned out that I’m on the right path, but it might have as even after I already started creating content for my website I was still doubting the topic. I just had so much stuff to talk about I wanted to include it all. 

Alright now back to the point with the Venn diagram. Here again, it took me a good 5 (maybe more) minutes to actually start working on it. When I did though, I carefully analyzed the components of my project before creating the diagram itself, starting by writing down important elements related to my interests. By combining and organizing these components into separate circles, I was able to see where they overlapped and where they stood out.

I combined my hobbies to things that I like, and work. What I mean by that is reading for examples is something that I love but I consider it as a hobby, cooking as another one is also one of my hobbies but it’s more on the side of a passion, travelling on the other hand is more of a happiness, lifestyle that is a huge part of me but still I wouldn’t consider it for this course’s website. So depending on that I divided every activity of mine into the groups, interconnected them, and saw where they overlapped. This technique not only made the connections between various components clear, but it also gave me an organized foundation to use when I built my website.

When I was done I was pleased to find out that the books, reading, and creative writing is the sphere of expertise that I would generate a lot of quality content at. Because when I thought of it, cooking blog would be very much within my expertise but I usually forget to film or shoot, even photograph while I’m cooking so content creation would be a problem. Same as travelling, I have a bunch of vlogs form before but I would prefer to be in the moment while creating by blog posts, so this thing was also a no for me. Turned out that books and reading overall is the most suitable topic for me here, and going back to a fact that I wasn’t sure about the sphere of my website this exercise helped me a lot with these doubts.

All the Flowers in Paris

Historical novels with a pinch of romance and drama? Dual POVs? Heartbreaking stories to sob? If you like to see all of these in your book then continue reading because this is a perfect match for you!

Get ready for an emotional journey as I begin a review of one of my favourite books, a tears-worthy tale that has been with me for a long time. I’m excited to introduce this book to you and highly suggest it to anyone looking for an engaging and compelling read. I read this novel around 5, maybe 6 years ago and as long as I can remember it is the only book since then that actually made me cry. 

Sarah Jio’s “All the Flowers in Paris” is a touching historical fiction book that unfolds within dual timelines. The story follows two women, Caroline in the present and Celine during World War II, against the backdrop of Nazi-occupied Paris. The novel explores themes of love, sorrow, and resiliency as their lives collide as a result of a common tie. Jio creates a narrative that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming with vivid prose and a wonderful balance of historical depth and romance, making it an engaging read for those who enjoy emotionally charged stories. (Because believe me, when I say emotionally charged I mean it).

With an amazing dual timeline (that I definitely won’t stop mentioning) the reader is taken between the gloomy past and the upbeat present thanks to the viewpoints of Caroline and Celine. I found this technique to be captivating and intriguing because it made it possible to comprehend the individuals and the historical setting more thoroughly.

“All the Flowers in Paris” has an evident emotional impact. Jio’s style effectively conveys the core of faith, sacrifice, and the unbreakable human spirit (my dear Caroline). I became really absorbed in the characters’ experiences as a reader, feeling everything from hope to heartbreak. It’s uncommon for a book to provoke such a strong emotional reaction, yet it did so effortlessly. 

Sara Jio has created an appealing option for readers who like historical fiction with a strong emotional core. It’s a novel that goes beyond its category and provides a story that is both tragic and inspiring.

Post 1

Being a naturally shy and introverted person, stepping out of my comfort zone has been a difficult thing for me to do, particularly as an international student in Canada. So luckily for our “Talking to a Stranger” activity I got a chance to have something to talk about for this week’s process post, thanks to an invitation to a friend’s book club. Even though the prospect of entering a room full of strangers made my introverted self a little nervous, the shared love for reading acted as a common ground, like a bridge that made my second thoughts  more manageable.

During our literary discussions, I found myself engaged in a conversation with a girl named Dahlia. The small talk we had about our favourite genres and authors at first quickly switched into a more personal realm. To my delight, beyond the books and reading, we discovered a shared passion for horse riding and cooking. As we exchanged stories about our experiences the conversation flowed effortlessly and I actually made a new friend out of this activity.

After this unexpected experience, I have learned that sometimes the most deep connections can emerge from seemingly ordinary circumstances. The book club, initially a source of my anxiety, became a source for a new friendship. The shared love for literature acted as a sort of  “entrance” to discovering shared interests beyond the pages of a book. It was a reminder for me that stepping out of a comfort zone, even in small doses, can lead to unexpectedly beautiful connections.

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