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This week we were paying more attention to the google analytics and analytics overall. It is a very helpful tool in understanding what your audience is looking for and pushes you into creating content that is more in demand. I have been using analytics far before I have created my website as I have insights turned on on my instagram account. 

In terms of my website there hasn’t been a lot of viewers so far, however I am far aware of the obvious reasons why, one of which confidentiality could be no promotion. Which I am working on through my social media. And while my website’s traction hasn’t increased yet, the insights from platforms like TikTok are building a very interesting picture. It seems like my audience is vibing with (me) on the content of famous book characters and bookish memes. It’s a small win, but an exciting one! 

Understanding reader behavior on my website remains a work in progress. Analytics show that I am not receiving as many readers as I’d hoped. However, this insight has helped with some brainstorming sessions on how to align my web content with the TikTok success. The goal now is to bridge that gap and funnel some of that TikTok engagement to my website. (which I sort of did with the mini assignment 4 – remix) 

I’m digging deeper into analytics tools like Google and Facebook to comprehend my reader’s behavior. It’s a balancing act, though, considering the concerns about user privacy and data trails. There’s a real importance in respecting the audience’s privacy while using analytics to shape my content strategy.

This week, I’m thinking about how to fine-tune the website content, possibly integrating more of the engaging elements I’ve found success with on TikTok. Understanding what resonates with my audience is the key, and it seems like I’m actually onto something with the content focused on famous book characters and memes (also short edits).

My focus is on creating a website experience that not only attracts readers but also respects their online privacy. I’m all about building a community that feels valued and engaged without feeling bombarded by data tracking. So apart from that I also try to focus on current trends (within the bookish field) so it will show a positive growth on the ‘creator’s insights’ even before figuring out the analytics.

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