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This week we talked a lot about copyright and Artificial intelligence. I particularly thought a lot about the question raised about AI ‘working’ without human involvement being granted copyright protection. Since human thought processes are the source of creativity and uniqueness, copyright protection is generally granted to works generated by humans in many legal systems. But because of developments in AI and machine learning, AI systems are now able to produce content on their own that is creatively or uniquely original.

The question of whether AI-generated works should be credited to the AI or its creators or if they belong in the public domain is up for disagreement.  Some contend that removing copyright protection from content produced by AI could discourage investment in and innovation within AI technology, hence reducing their capacity to produce unique and valuable content. 

However, on the other hand, opponents of assigning copyright to works produced by artificial intelligence argue that creativity is naturally human and that copyright is essentially a human notion. Giving AI the ability to own copyrights could lead to discussions about accountability, ownership, and the ethical implications of giving non-human creatures the power to create. I loved the discussion this question raised. I would definitely look more into it, never yet have I found a question without having any contradictions.

Other than that we have a number of assignments due next week, the main one is an essay which I am (ironically) doing on AI topic, the mini assignment and two weekly posts. I’ll be focusing mostly on the essay as it was mentioned as an essential here, but I already have an idea for the remix (the mini assignment four) which will be a video (and sort of a meme and books combination) I’ll see how it would look like and probably brainstorm some other ideas to.

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