Post 3

The diagram I thought of when I saw the question: “Where will the PUB101 content live?”

Pretty simple but the first thing that came to my mind.

I also received a feedback about drop downs so thanks to Alice (one of my peers) I understood how to create sub menus. During the first two weeks my header did not look like it looks now I either had too much content or too less, all because creating sub menus was a real headache (as I was trying to figure it out). But once I did it all went smoothly and I was able to create a clean layout of the website with all of the necessary tabs at the opening page.

And here is the instagram posts preview I thought of so far. These are not the pictures I will use these are just the possible content that might appear there. In terms of visual there will be other images and videos (reels). I’ll be using an ‘impreview’ app to monitor the profile grid and see if the color scheme is matching and control the aesthetics of the instagram account. I also use this app while posting for my personal account, so I’m confident with it this platform. I also created an account in TikTok but I’m still considering if I should start it or just stick with Instagram only.

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