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I have decided to incorporate another medium into my blog which is TikTok. I don’t know why I haven’t started with it earlier, honestly. Because TikTok is a place where I myself watch book-related content (booktok). It’s easy, it’s fast and you can find any source of info there. Not just your next read but something more detailed like a favourite chapter of a creator, possible novelas, or similar reads; new book drops are also being announced on Booktok. People engage in all sorts of ways there and I decided if I consume this content might as well create it. However, what I do is mostly edit fantasy and dystopian novels while on my website I have all sorts of genres. I believe that if people are looking for information on the website they are looking for more ‘serious’ suggestions, and a variety of them. Even when we take Instagram, mine is full of psychological, development, and historical books, while my TikTok FYP (for you page) compared to that seems more ‘childish’. I know algorithms do their job based on my research agenda, however, I do look for similar things on both platforms. So this was a very interesting finding of mine. 

So far I have been trying to post every day as I really want my content to hit as many Fyp pages as possible. The first video was a success, but the others however made me feel a little demotivated. I experiment a lot in order to find out what works best for me. For example, one time (I think it was Wednesday) I posted one video at around 10:50 am and another one at 11:05 am, the first one had only 5 likes and one hundred fewer views than the second one which had over 60 likes, and they are only 10-15 mins apart. By doing so I try to figure out the best time to post to keep myself consistent and to make people anticipate what will be happening. In terms of content though, aside from the edits that I had mentioned, I’m still figuring out what people might like more. The most favourite video on my page is the meme video so maybe people like humoristic edits more. I also noticed that readers (myself included) love it when their favourite characters from different universes get interconnected so I’m thinking about making some content based on that. Especially with the characters not only by one author but combining different ones. 

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