All the Flowers in Paris

Historical novels with a pinch of romance and drama? Dual POVs? Heartbreaking stories to sob? If you like to see all of these in your book then continue reading because this is a perfect match for you!

Get ready for an emotional journey as I begin a review of one of my favourite books, a tears-worthy tale that has been with me for a long time. I’m excited to introduce this book to you and highly suggest it to anyone looking for an engaging and compelling read. I read this novel around 5, maybe 6 years ago and as long as I can remember it is the only book since then that actually made me cry. 

Sarah Jio’s “All the Flowers in Paris” is a touching historical fiction book that unfolds within dual timelines. The story follows two women, Caroline in the present and Celine during World War II, against the backdrop of Nazi-occupied Paris. The novel explores themes of love, sorrow, and resiliency as their lives collide as a result of a common tie. Jio creates a narrative that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming with vivid prose and a wonderful balance of historical depth and romance, making it an engaging read for those who enjoy emotionally charged stories. (Because believe me, when I say emotionally charged I mean it).

With an amazing dual timeline (that I definitely won’t stop mentioning) the reader is taken between the gloomy past and the upbeat present thanks to the viewpoints of Caroline and Celine. I found this technique to be captivating and intriguing because it made it possible to comprehend the individuals and the historical setting more thoroughly.

“All the Flowers in Paris” has an evident emotional impact. Jio’s style effectively conveys the core of faith, sacrifice, and the unbreakable human spirit (my dear Caroline). I became really absorbed in the characters’ experiences as a reader, feeling everything from hope to heartbreak. It’s uncommon for a book to provoke such a strong emotional reaction, yet it did so effortlessly. 

Sara Jio has created an appealing option for readers who like historical fiction with a strong emotional core. It’s a novel that goes beyond its category and provides a story that is both tragic and inspiring.

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