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The in class activity with Venn diagrams helped me a lot with rethinking my website’s nature. As it took me quite a while to figure out what my blog will be about, I liked the exercise that made me work it through one more time and see what I might have missed. Which (spoiler alert) did not happen, turned out that I’m on the right path, but it might have as even after I already started creating content for my website I was still doubting the topic. I just had so much stuff to talk about I wanted to include it all. 

Alright now back to the point with the Venn diagram. Here again, it took me a good 5 (maybe more) minutes to actually start working on it. When I did though, I carefully analyzed the components of my project before creating the diagram itself, starting by writing down important elements related to my interests. By combining and organizing these components into separate circles, I was able to see where they overlapped and where they stood out.

I combined my hobbies to things that I like, and work. What I mean by that is reading for examples is something that I love but I consider it as a hobby, cooking as another one is also one of my hobbies but it’s more on the side of a passion, travelling on the other hand is more of a happiness, lifestyle that is a huge part of me but still I wouldn’t consider it for this course’s website. So depending on that I divided every activity of mine into the groups, interconnected them, and saw where they overlapped. This technique not only made the connections between various components clear, but it also gave me an organized foundation to use when I built my website.

When I was done I was pleased to find out that the books, reading, and creative writing is the sphere of expertise that I would generate a lot of quality content at. Because when I thought of it, cooking blog would be very much within my expertise but I usually forget to film or shoot, even photograph while I’m cooking so content creation would be a problem. Same as travelling, I have a bunch of vlogs form before but I would prefer to be in the moment while creating by blog posts, so this thing was also a no for me. Turned out that books and reading overall is the most suitable topic for me here, and going back to a fact that I wasn’t sure about the sphere of my website this exercise helped me a lot with these doubts.

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