Mini Assignment 5

Weekly Website Management Breakdown

I have created this pie chart based on how much time I weekly spent on developing my online self (mainly my website). I must say that it varies depending on the week. I just looked at the time spent throughout all the course weeks and calculated the mean, which you can see on my chart. 

The four important elements here are:

  1. Content creation – my blog posts: writing reviews, creating book lists and reading tips & hacks. 
  2. Engagement and Social Media: it didn’t take much time in the very beginning but since I added TikTok posting to that platform took a little more time than expected, as I’m trying to be consistent with my posts for them to make it to the FYP. 
  3. Visuals: imagery chosen for the website & videos for the TikTok. 
  4. Website maintenance: changes I added to my website in general, updating and installing plugins, choice of the theme and managing the software overall. 

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