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I recently explored a variety of sites in search of new ideas to improve the appearance of my website. I wasn’t planning on redoing everything, however, I was thinking about adding some interesting details that may capture readers’ attention. 

One of the best sites I came across was “Goodreads.” I was drawn to this website for a few different reasons. Its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use style caught my attention right away. And am almost certain that some of you should be familiar with it, because it is quite popular. This little site community was established for readers to discover, evaluate, and connect over their favourite books thanks to the simplicity of the site.

The way the social components were seamlessly included was something I really liked. Goodreads’ integration of people’s reviews, suggestions, and discussions into its design creates a welcoming environment and motivates people to interact. It’s evidence of the ability of a thoughtfully created interface to build an engaging community. I thought about adding this part to my further posts, however, I do already have a comment section, and I also sometimes address readers for their comments or suggestions. 

I might add though that “Goodreads” is a highly professional website (in my opinion), good for inspiration but not as a comparison as their interface is more advanced. The way they’ve made personalization a priority letting users create book shelves, monitor their reading progress, and get customized recommendations adds a personalized touch that improves the user experience as a whole. This raised my interest in this website as well, but I believe you need more knowledge in order to create something similar to this, so for now, I’ll just stick with making the audience engage with my reviews and each other.

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