Book Lover’s Guide to Budget Bliss

Personally, I am a fan of physical books. There is an undoubtable joy in turning pages and taking in the smell of paper. However, being a student means that my love for reading has to be budget-friendly. Luckily, I have found a number of ways that align with my passion for reading without emptying my bank account. Those are the hacks that I would like to share with you too, hope that you will find them useful:

  • Public libraries: 

The library card is a golden pass to an unlimited supply of free books. Find your local library and make one for yourself, there’s no cost for that. And because of their extensive collections, public libraries let you enjoy the pleasure of reading physical books without having to pay any money. (They may also have audio and e-books).

  • Open Library:

Fills up the gaps left by library shelves. It’s a treasure for readers on due to its large selection of e-books. However, you might be waitlisted for some of the books so be prepared for that. 

  • Little Free Libraries:

I found out about them only when I came to Canada. These are small boxes located randomly in different neighbourhoods that are filled with a variety of books. Even though they may not always have a specific book that you are looking for, there is a chance of you encountering a more intriguing read. And in return you can also leave a book of your own. 

  • Author’s blogs and websites:

Some authors kindly offer free samples or full novels on their websites or blogs. Without investing a dime, it’s an excellent opportunity to interact with readers and find new authors.

  • Book swaps with Friends: 

Taking into account the reading enthusiasm among your friends or the university (school, work) community has proven to be an excellent resource for finding new reads. In addition to exposing you to new books, book swaps give you the chance to interact with other readers. 

Bonus tip: You can also split the purchase of a book with a friend to make it more affordable. 

Let me know if any of these hacks were useful for you. Feel free to leave comments below. Happy reading! 

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